Adirondack Growth Capital


We view the sale process as an opportunity to collectively prepare for leadership transition and plan for the future development of the business. We want you to get comfortable with us, our approach and our strategy for your company as we learn about your business.


Adirondack is dedicated to making the sale process as seamless as possible. Our experience buying and selling small to medium sized privately owned businesses allows us to anticipate and address issues early in the process, enabling a smooth transition. Adirondack has capital ready to invest in the right situation and is committed to a closing a transaction as quickly as possible, generally within 60 to 75 days.


In addition to providing liquidity for business owners, Adirondack's operational focus allows for owner-operators to transition out of day-to-day operations in as little as 30 days after closing. We bring day-to-day management, capital, and a board of directors dedicated to the ongoing success of the business. This approach offers several advantages compared to other liquidity alternatives, as illustrated in the table below.

Adirondack Growth Capital Strategic


Value-driven growth

Purchase an asset

Maximize returns

Investment Horizon



3 to 5 years


Growing small to medium sized businesses; business operations

Managing a large organization

Financial engineering


Dedicated management & board of directors

One of many divisions / business units

One of many portfolio companies

Transaction Structure

Flexible: terms driven by needs of owners

Agreement structured to protect corporation

Deal terms driven by lenders and institutional investors

Timing Factors

Focused on quickly closing your transaction: we acquire one business at a time

Requires review by multiple committees and possibly board approval

Resources allocated among multiple deals: investment committee approval

Importance of Employees




Future Role for Current Owner

Varies: complete exit, board seat, ongoing consulting, or an operating role

Same or none

Same with increased responsibility and reporting requirements